About VseSoki company

- Our company VseSoki Ltd. was established in 2009. Today VseSoki is the leader in import of high quality healthy living appliances from Korea, USA and Europe to Russian market.
- We are specialized in distribution of high quality slow juicers, dehydrators, RPM blenders, seed oil extractors, grain mills, massage devices, vacuum sealing machines, automatic sprouters, water purifying devices, bread makers.

- We are purchasing around 5 containers of goods per month from our suppliers, and we have 3-4 million USD annual turnover.

- Due to our good long-term partnership many producers placed our contact information at their own official websites, see links below:





 - Our sales structure is: 75% our own retail sales and 25% — wholesales to dealers and subdealers in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan.


- Company VseSoki has more than 50 active dealers (wholesale orders) and subdealers (dropship orders), we also cooperate with many famous bloggers.

- Company's domestic warehouses with its own fast courier service are placed in two biggest cities in Russia (146 million people) – Moscow (21 million people) and Saint-Petersburg (7 million people) with ability to arrange delivery at the day of placing of order with payment at delivery.

- We have strong logistics with international warehouses in Goyang-si, Korea and Rotterdam, Netherlands. We are able to provide the fastest shipment of goods to the end customer in every part of Russia, even to the smallest villages in far regions.

- We have our own YouTube channel with many subscribers, we create our own videos and also translate and dub videos of our foreign partners from the USA, Korea and Europe, see link: www.youtube.com/vsesoki

- We love our work and we use every day all items we sell. It helps us to be real experts with real experience of everyday use. That's because we have strong positions in Russian Internet as experts in healthy living appliances.

- We know how to find a focus group for every product, we know how to sell specific devices to many people.

- We have a very strong customer care policy and personal approach to people: every customer gets full personal consultation before purchase, and we always help every customer after purchase if they need any assistance.

- We visit Korean and European factories of our suppliers every year and making films about them, it helps us to make the end customer and producer closer.

- We're creating our own quality content for every product we import: hundreds of detailed photos, including 3D photos, video reviews in 4K, recipes, articles in professional press, TV shows, participation in exhibitions and trade shows in Russia.

- We're adapting every item to needs of Russian customers: certification of products (TR CU), medical registration of massage devices, amendmends in a complete set, additional accessories, creating of fully translated instruction manuals and recipe books.

- We have our own authorized service center. We are experts in warranty service and in repair service of every item we sell. Producers provide us spare parts for service and teach our engineers how to repair items.

Words "Vse Soki" (English translation: "All Juices") in Russian means "maximum yield gathered from everything". Our main mission is to give 100% healthy products to the maximum of people and do all our best for them.

Mission 2020-2021 for VseSoki is to find new suppliers of high quality items:
· Water distillers, ozonizers and purifiers for water and air;
· Commercial cold and hot oil extractors;
· Medical / commercial pneumatic massage systems.

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